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Reducing The Gap Between Idea and Execution by Providing Collaborative Tech and Business Development

Our Philosophy

We are a insight driven business and Tech development solutions provider.

  • Tech Solutions: Requirement driven development
  • Design Solutions: Market driven creative craftsmanship
  • Management Solutions: Transparency above all

At qollabra, our core mission is to develop business solutions for clients who want to grow their business with insights from data collected by tech solutions and marketing campaigns. We specialze in Rapid MVP development for Faster Product Market Fit.

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Our development offerings that will grow your business

We believe that only good business is growing business and growth only comes from true creativity.

  • 01 Are you creative in your marketing?

    We provide the most in depth research for marketing content generation and distribution. We ask the right questions of which the answers are the marketing solutions for your business.

  • We develop the closest matching solutions to your operational problems, that too rapidly. "Product market fit before competitors can even react" is our motto.

  • We believe the only way for successful management is through aligned visions of all layers of the business. Our Management Insight Tools provide you with decision making conclusions that will align your employees and freelancers to a single goal.


If it's not already clear, we will develop tech solutions if you give us business problems. Set up a meeting about your problems and experience the thought provoking questions that we ask about your business problem.

Web Apps

Fullstack Web Applications

Mobile Apps

Android and iOS Hybrid Applications


Landing Pages and Data Collections Forms

Internal Tools

Requirement Specific tools for better management

Lets Have A Talk About Your Unique Problem

We love to ideate about the solutions for various industries. If you have any problem in your current business structure feel free to contact us. We will happily invest our time just to get more insight about your business.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Well, this is something you should read even if you don't think that you have these questions.

  • What exactly is qollabra?

    We are a insight driven tech solutions development firm that believes every business can grow with right amount of creativity in marketing, management and operations. We introduce this creativity with our tech solutions with market analysis, industry insights and the qollabra philosophy of development.

  • We are trying to find business owners who want to dare to take the difficult decision of trying something new. This mostly includes startups and daring businesses which want to create new markets rather than sticking to the status quo.

  • We take pride in the depth of research that we go into any industry. Our decisions are data driven and our conclusions are based on numbers rather than opinions. To experience this schedule a meet with us.

  • The universe is expanding at the rate faster than speed of light and you think your business is at position where you would not benifit from additional growth?

  • Seems like you found the only paragraph in this website which speaks to the developers. Click on call to action button and fill out the form. We will get in touch with you if you have any relevant skills that we are looking for. Be sure to add any live projects and even if you don't have any live project then definitely fill the form. We might have one live project waiting for new developers like you.